Houston Rodeo

  • March 15, 2022
  • 5:30 PM
  • NRG Stadium
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GHFEDS has been awarded 60 tickets to attend the Houston Rodeo and Performance on March 15th. These tickets are for individual with Down syndrome and their immediate families including parents and youth siblings. Please read the rules below. This is a not a GHFEDS event and the rules must be abided as listed below per the HLSR committee.

Packets with tickets and parking pass will be mailed shortly to mailing address listed on your GHFEDS account. Please confirm your address when you log in to register, 


Please Note: As guests of the Special Children’s Committee, you will only be allowed to enter and exit NRG Stadium at the Special Children’s Committee Drop Off Area on Kirby Drive before the Xfinity Gate. Should you try to enter any other gate, you may be denied access. Parking in areas other than the areas designated by the enclosed parking passes (either Kirby Drive - which is only available during the performance - or the Purple Lot) will be at the cost of the agency. Arriving at NRG Stadium 

● Before arriving, please make sure that each member of your group is wearing a round Special Children’s Committee sticker and an orange wristband. 

● Please do not bring any more guests than are allocated. 

● Arrival time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Should you run late, please call 713-806-1204 and let us know. 

● Upon arrival at the drop-off area, Special Children’s Committee members will greet your group. 

● Once through the Xfinity Gate, committee members will provide each attendee with a bandana to assist with their identification as a special guest of the committee. 

● Once everyone is provided with a bandana, Special Children’s Committee members will escort your group to the reserved seating sections. Exiting NRG Stadium 

● Ten minutes before your group is ready to exit the stadium, you will need to send your driver(s) to their vehicle(s). 

● The Special Children’s Committee members will escort your group back to the Xfinity Gate to meet your vehicle(s) for departure. Reminders to help you enjoy your night at the rodeo 

● Please remember that we do not allow alcohol consumption. Please inform your chaperones of this rule. 

● We strongly encourage chaperones to escort your clients to and from the restrooms and concession stands. 

● We will provide bottled water and popcorn to all of our guests. 

● Please do not plan on going to the carnival or other attractions before, during, or after the rodeo performance. Once the performance is over ALL cars parked on Kirby Drive must be removed or they will be subject to towing.

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